You guys. I can’t tell you how much in AWE I am of my dear friend, Jamie Johnston. YOU GUYS SHE LOST A PERSON. A FRICKIN PERSON. 186 down, 14 to go. Plus, she’s running her first ever half marathon this Sunday. She is my hero. She is also going to smoke it (13+ mi training runs done in sub-2 hr fashion).

Jamie (left - today; right - 2 years ago)

Jamie (left – today; right – 2 years ago) Photo Credit

Jamie (HYMEEEEE), I’m proud to call you my friend, my Alpha Gam sister and an inspiration to someone like me who has struggled with my weight my entire adult life. Once my ol’ ankle is healed, I will be back in action. And I promise you. One day, WE WILL RUN A RACE TOGETHER.

Remember last year when I was trying to convince you to do a 10k with me? LOOK AT YOU NOW. Friends, send some good juju to Cleveland! Wish I could be there to cheer you on, Jamie.

If my sister wasn’t graduating from college Sunday, I would SO BE THERE.


♥ Amy

PS. Check out this article about Jamie’s story!

PPS. Head over to Jamie’s blog and give her some encouragement/advice for her first race!

PPPS. Check out this TV news story! SQUEE

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  1. This is incredible! What an inspiration! Go get ’em Jamie!

  2. WOW! Congrats!! That is awesome, Jamie! Good for you! I am so glad I saw this today, it’s going to keep me motivated!!

  3. P.S. Amy, I have been following you on FB, too. Love your honesty. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing Jamie’s story, Amy. Both of you are total inspirations! Congrats, Jamie, and Amy, can’t wait to run with you again one day!

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