28 Days of Salads

Day 1: Organic romaine lettuce, organic kale, organic boston lettuce, organic Roma tomatoes, croutons, Romano/asiago/Parmesan cheese blend, boiled chicken and newman's own organic Caesar dressing.

No, this isn’t like that time I went tried to go vegetarian for a month. I have been horrible and spending too much money eating at restaurants and/or ordering take out these past couple of months. It’s sad because I love to cook. Maybe it’s just winter doldrums. I have recently started working out with […]

Recipe: Squash Pizza

squash pizza

Tonight, I posted a photo on Instagram of my dinner – a squash pizza. I got so many comments on Facebook and Twitter asking for a recipe. So, I decided to post it here on the ol’ blog. This is an adaptation of a pizza I had at a bridal shower a couple of weeks […]

A vegetarian update and other stuff

A lot has happened in the last week or so. I hit the halfway point in my 31 day vegetarian challenge, I joined a Ragnar Madison-Chicago 200 mile Relay Team and I signed up for Weight Watchers Online (again). The vegetarian challenge has been going well. I haven’t been keeping up with my daily photos/recipes […]

31 Day Vegetarian


In an effort to keep me more honest about what I’m shoving into my face, I decided that for all of January, I would become a vegetarian. I’ve flirted with the idea before, but could never get over the fact that to be a vegetarian, you can’t eat meat. Like, EVER. And, well, I love me some meat. I just don’t eat it very often.

Chocolate Milk


Chocolate milk is my favorite post-workout beverage. However, I think that the two huge glasses of chocolate milk post-workout tonight were a bad, bad idea. Why? I’m lactose intolerant.

Food Porn: Triple Berry Pie

Amy's Triple Berry Pie

It’s been awhile since I shared some food porn, but today’s food porn is quite magnificent (if I do say so myself). Today I made a pie. From scratch. I even made the crust from scratch. I have mad skillz. Notice the lattice crust? Oh yeah baby. I cannot wait to eat this pie later […]