Couch to 5k

Week 1, Day 2

  So, I guess this running thing isn’t a fluke! After not running for 13+ mo, I have now ran three times in less than 10 days. It feels great to be back. I’m taking things slow with C25K and spacing out workouts as to not overwhelm my ankle. The last thing I want to […]


Tonight marks the last day of my 20s. I’ll be honest. It’s bittersweet. Part of me is FREAKING OUT. The other part is asking, “DOES THIS MEAN I’M A GROWN UP NOW?” I don’t know who to listen to. In true big girl style, my last meal of my 20s went like this: peanut butter […]

The marathon that wasn’t


I has a sad. Remember when I said I wasn’t running the Lakefront Marathon (or Madison Mini or Brewers Mini) anymore? Well, back in August I didn’t realize just how hard this weekend would be for me. I thought that, after two months of knowing the marathon wasn’t going to happen, that I would be over […]

Race Report: Madison Mini Marathon Race Recap

Keegan is a running machine!

Note: While I’m still sad I wasn’t able to run the Madison Mini Marathon last weekend, I am happy to tell you I still have a race recap to share! Remember when I gave away a race entry? Well, the winner, Keegan Korthauer, agreed to share HER race recap! And guess what?! SHE PR’D! #likeaboss. […]

Race Recap: Rock ‘n Sole Quarter Marathon *PR

Last Import - 26

All week long I was nervous about this race. I have only ran once (maybe twice) since RAGNAR two weeks ago. I had a charlie horse during that race and couldn’t finish my last leg. I’m recovering from a quad strain. I moved last weekend. Blah Blah Blah. I knew I wasn’t going to skip […]



Wahoo! PR by almost 2 minutes! Gun time was 44:41, but I didn’t cross the start until about 52 sec after the gun… so HOLLER for a PR, POWERED BY BACON. I felt pretty good out there. Just kept my head down and kept on trucking. Slow and steady. Only walked through the water stop, […]