I ran.

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So…last night I ran. I ran for the first time in nearly 14 months. I wasn’t planning to run. It just happened. I ran. I am camping with my family and just before dinner last night I decided to walk down to the bathroom. I ran. After a few steps, I felt magic in my […]

I’ve been walking on a broken ankle for months


Yesterday, my mom commented on how surprised she was at how I’ve been tolerating the pain during recovery. I haven’t been complaining (of course, the drugs have been helping). She is just amazed, especially since in the past week, I’ve made amazing progress and made it yesterday with only taking 4 pain pills all day! […]

Holy surgery bills


Things I found out when I looked at medical billing (pre-insurance) for my surgery: A pregnancy test costs $77 (I could’ve gotten one at CVS for less than $10). The screw they put in my ankle cost $81.06. An extra 30 minutes of surgery costs $1,618. An extra 30 minutes of anesthesia costs $383.50. Repairing […]

Das Boot Part Deux


YOU GUYS. Today I said goodbye to my cast and hello again to Das Boot! *chair dance* And more good news from my doc. My ankle is looking great! (Ok, really, it looks like a gross rainbow, but medical-wise, it’s looking good). Incisions are healing well. Doc says I’ve been doing everything right. Wahoo! I […]

Post surgical blues


Leading up to surgery, I was overly optimistic. Four to six weeks off of work? I will get sooo much stuff done. I’ll knit a bunch of hats and scarves, I’ll have time to catch up on my reading, I’ll watch all the documentaries in my Netflix queue and do some design work I’ve been […]

So this happened.


Amy + Pain Meds + Motorized Cart at Target = hilarity (for me at least)