I’ve been walking on a broken ankle for months


Yesterday, my mom commented on how surprised she was at how I’ve been tolerating the pain during recovery. I haven’t been complaining (of course, the drugs have been helping). She is just amazed, especially since in the past week, I’ve made amazing progress and made it yesterday with only taking 4 pain pills all day! […]

So this happened.


Amy + Pain Meds + Motorized Cart at Target = hilarity (for me at least)

Das boot


Just when you think things can’t get worse… they do. I am a walking limping example of Murphy’s Law. Things were progressing well with my ankle. The swelling was down, the lump of scar tissue/fluid was barely there. Then, as I was walking to the car Sunday afternoon, my ankle gave out on me and […]

An update.

About three weeks ago (after finally being cleared to workout), my ankle started getting worse, instead of better. It was swollen. It hurt like hell. And there was a weird lump. Turns out, I tore a muscle on the inside of my ankle, just above the joint. (Chances are, this tear happened back in July/August […]


I'll be so stylish at work in my dresses and running shoes.

Did not start. Times three. It was in the second half of a horrible half marathon last month that I began to wonder if something was wrong. Horrible pain in the center of my left ankle, shooting up my leg. Limping. Hurting. Mental anguish. And now, more mental anguish. Today one of my fears became […]

Trying to stay positive in a sea of setbacks


Knee. Ankle. Knee. Foot. Ankle. Foot. Shoulder. Foot. Knee. Foot. Foot. Rib. Foot. I have had so many setbacks in my training and journey to health. It seems like each time I take one step forward, something sets me two steps back. I have worked hard to not let this affect me but, to be […]