28 Days of Salads

Day 1: Organic romaine lettuce, organic kale, organic boston lettuce, organic Roma tomatoes, croutons, Romano/asiago/Parmesan cheese blend, boiled chicken and newman's own organic Caesar dressing.

No, this isn’t like that time I went tried to go vegetarian for a month. I have been horrible and spending too much money eating at restaurants and/or ordering take out these past couple of months. It’s sad because I love to cook. Maybe it’s just winter doldrums. I have recently started working out with […]

The Great Milwaukee Race


Last year I joined three friends in running The Great Milwaukee Race, an urban scavenger hunt across the city. This year, with my bigger role with FitMKE, I’m helping plan the race! In fact, I just designed the race website. Check it out! So, what’s The Great Milwaukee Race? It’s an adventure for everyone. Teams […]

What’s red and blue and orange?


I’m sure you’ve seen some of the pictures of me with electric blue bangs. That was a clip-on hair piece (obviously fake). You also know I’m a little crazy. You probably know that I am determined to help find a cure for Crohn’s and Colitis. I also have a hard time turning down a good […]

Helping the hungry: Pound for Pound Challenge

You may have noticed this li’l graphic in my sidebar: I signed up for the Pound for Pound Challenge, committing to lose 35 pounds. I thought this was weight you committed to lose by June but I obviously misread… so I could have pledged more but oh well. Basically, for every pound you pledge, they […]