100 Mile Challenge, Accepted


One of my long-term fitness goals is to have a single month where I workout (run/walk/bike) 100 miles. This may be a small feat for some people I know who do that much in a week, but for me it’s a BFD. Take a look at my previous 12 months of workouts on dailymile: As […]

Read It: Published on the dailymile blog!


While you’re waiting for my race recap from this weekend (I started writing it yesterday, hope to finish it soon!), you should check out this blog post I wrote for dailymile. I’ve been a member of dailymile since January 2010, and as you might recall, I blogged that dailymile as one of the social media platforms that […]

Giveaway: Dailymile Stickers!


When I finally ordered my Dailymile t-shirt, I harassed Kelly (aka @dailymile) about my missing stickers? I wanted to pimp out my life with DM. I owe my life to social media sites like Dailymile, so I’m always wanting to pimp them when I can. Well, today I got a li’l white envelope packed with some Dailymile […]

I’m Amy and I’m a runner (Hi Amy)


Me: Hello everyone. My name is Amy and I’m a runner. You: Hi Amy! Me: It’s been 12 hours since my last run. You: Wow. That’s awesome. Me: I don’t know if I can resist the temptation to run anymore. You: Don’t fight it. Celebrate it. Me: You got it. Hey world, I’m a freaking […]

Someday, that will be me


I went with some of my DailyMile/FitMilwaukee/Twitter friends down to Kenosha early Saturday morning to cheer on the bazillion people I knew who were running either the half or full marathon. I can’t adequately put into words what Saturday was for me. I saw friends complete their longest runs ever. I saw my friends triumph. […]

How Social Media (@dailymile @twitter @facebook) saved my life

Social media saved my life. I’m not being melodramatic. I’m completely serious. Social media saved my life. No, I didn’t get lost only to be found with the help of friends on Twitter and an iPhone app. I didn’t use social media to help me figure out what terminal disease I had. Social media did so […]