Weigh In Wednesday: Tuesday edition

I wanted to know what I was in for when I weighed in tomorrow morning. So, tonight when I was changing into my pj’s, I stepped on the scale. Imagine my surprise when I saw something there I haven’t seen in at least a year or two (probably more). I saw… 249.8 Say what?!? I’m […]

Weigh in Wednesday: 20lbs!


It’s official. I’ve lost 20.2 lbs since starting this journey January 6, 2010. Sure, the weight hasn’t come off as quickly as I had hoped, but I’ve kept the weight off, which is a huge accomplishment. I’ve never stuck to a nutrition and exercise plan for this long in my entire life. I’m working out […]

I’m Amy and I’m a runner (Hi Amy)


Me: Hello everyone. My name is Amy and I’m a runner. You: Hi Amy! Me: It’s been 12 hours since my last run. You: Wow. That’s awesome. Me: I don’t know if I can resist the temptation to run anymore. You: Don’t fight it. Celebrate it. Me: You got it. Hey world, I’m a freaking […]

Manic Monday: Training schedule for May 24-30, 2010

Monday: Stretch, Strengthen or Active Recovery – TBD. I have acupuncture at 6:30, which is such a welcome addition to my recovery day. Tuesday: 3.5 mile walk – Do my favorite 5k route through Easttown/downtown MKE OR head to Bayview to walk my friends’ dogs. Wednesday: 30 minutes crosstrain – Run to gym, weights for 25-30 […]

Exercise and Underwear: Decisions, Decisions


If you’re embarrassed by underwear talk, move on to the next blog. We’re talking about ladies underthingies and working out. Gentlemen, take a deep breath. This is a question I’ve had for awhile, but I didn’t really know how to bring it up. What is the best underwear to wear when working out? The few […]

Help me plan my workouts this week

I need some suggestions on getting the the rest of my training in this week. Schedule: Mon – active recovery (1mi easy walk, DONE) Tues -3mi walk Wed – 30 min crosstrain Thurs – 3 mi run/walk Fri – rest Sat – 30 min cross train Sun – 70 min fast walk (which I know […]