Tonight marks the last day of my 20s. I’ll be honest. It’s bittersweet. Part of me is FREAKING OUT. The other part is asking, “DOES THIS MEAN I’M A GROWN UP NOW?” I don’t know who to listen to. In true big girl style, my last meal of my 20s went like this: peanut butter […]

Update: 28 things to do before 29

There’s less than a month before my 29th birthday, so it’s probably time to update my 28 things to do before 29. Here’s a reminder: The pounds haven’t dropped but I’ve gone down a dress size. I moved and am temporarily living with the ‘rents until late spring. See above Beep can shake (left paw) […]

100 Mile Challenge, Accepted


One of my long-term fitness goals is to have a single month where I workout (run/walk/bike) 100 miles. This may be a small feat for some people I know who do that much in a week, but for me it’s a BFD. Take a look at my previous 12 months of workouts on dailymile: As […]

UPDATE: 28 things to do before 29

We’re 6.5 months into my 29th year of life and I figured it’s about time for an update on my 28 things to do before 29. Here’s a reminder: um… I need to get on this pronto. I moved. I’m now living in limbo. see above Yay! Beep can shake (left paw) and kick (right […]

28 things to do before 29


This post is inspired by miss Elsie. And yes, it is my birthday. 😉 Digital elements designed by Holly McCaig “Dream Big.”

I never thought I’d be so excited to buy spandex


I just bought these running tights last night… in size LARGE!!! Not X-LARGE… but LARGE!!! I bought spandex and was happy about it. I remember at the Blarney run thinking, “My goodness, there is no way in hell I will ever wear spandex running tights like Sarah…” The plan was to someday wear running tights […]