Day 14: FODMAPs


A lot has happened in the past few days. I’ve seen the Hunger Games. Twice. I had the MOST AMAZING RUN (and experienced “Vomit Hill”). And yesterday, I saw a nutritionist. I have been thinking about seeing one for quite some time and this past week I was pushed to the edge. I feel like […]

Health Update: Lazy Stomach

My name is Amy and I have a lazy stomach. Ok, actually I have a “mild gastric emptying delay.” AKA gastroparesis. AKA my stomach doesn’t easily digest food. AKA my stomach is slow. AKA my stomach doesn’t empty itself into my intestines properly. So you see why I’m calling it “Lazy Stomach.” Figures, my stomach […]

Weigh In Wednesday: Life is good edition


Sometimes God completely surprises you Just a month ago, we found out my Aunt/Godmother had been upgraded to active on the donor registry. Because there are so many people across the country needing a liver, we expected to wait a long time (2-3 years) for her to get a cadaver liver. We wondered how far […]

Checking up, slowing down and a wardrobe malfunction

On Friday, I had a checkup with Dr. H. regarding my myriad of health issues. First, I talked with Nurse Debbie. I was bursting to tell her I lost almost 11 pounds. She was SOOO excited for me! She asked what I was doing and I said I was exercising and eating less. I made […]

Fit Milwaukee: Getting Fit Doesn’t Mean You’re Thin

Anne and Tracey (the fabulous ladies who run asked me to join the team as a guest blogger! I was so incredibly honored they asked me to contribute. My blogs at Fit Milwaukee will likely focus on my journey to becoming “fit” and stepping out of my comfort zone. I may also discuss how […]

Weigh In Wednesday and other musings


Not much to report on the weigh-in this week. I was -0.2, which is really nothing at all. I’m ok with it. I’m surprised that I’m so ok with it. Usually, I would be upset about something like this, but I know that I had a big loss last week and I didn’t work out […]