How do you decide?

I would sign up for every single race I want to do if I could. Unfortunately, I’m not made of money (but how COOL would that be?), so I have to be picky about the races I register for. I’m hesitant to throw down the money for a few reasons: What if I get hurt? […]

Half Marathon: Looking for some guidance


Back when I said I was planning to do three half marathons this year, I hadn’t realized that #2 on my list was exactly 2 weeks after my first half marathon ever. For some reason, I thought there were 3-4 weeks between those dates. So last week, I made the tough decision NOT to do […]

Race Report: Blarney 5k Run/Walk, a PR


(The FitMilwaukee gang-notice the beers we’re not-so-slyly hiding. Photo by Anne Munkwitz) Saturday was my first official “race” – the 19th Annual Blarney 5k run/walk in Wauwatosa. I was a little disappointed that the walkers didn’t get race bibs. I was really looking forward to getting my first race number! Oh well, next time I […]