Strides for Crohn’s


Do you walk? Do you run? Do you like to drink beer and eat food for a great cause? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Strides for Crohn’s is the event for you. For just $25, you get to go for a fun run with some cool people, PLUS a t-shirt and […]

Ready to dance with dirt


Next weekend, I’m headed to Devil’s Lake for Dances with Dirt. My friends are running the marathon, but I’m doing the 10k. I did my last trail training run on Thursday and am confident I will rock it! It was wet, muddy, slippery, etc and so forth. But I did 6 miles, faster than I’ve […]

The Great Milwaukee Race


Last year I joined three friends in running The Great Milwaukee Race, an urban scavenger hunt across the city. This year, with my bigger role with FitMKE, I’m helping plan the race! In fact, I just designed the race website. Check it out! So, what’s The Great Milwaukee Race? It’s an adventure for everyone. Teams […]

3 dogs, 3 miles, 1 wedding, 5 burrs, 1 NEHOD, a little dog conference and countless bathroom breaks


Try taking three little dogs for a walk. I dare you. I’m watching Gizmo and Bandit this weekend because my parents are in Minnesota visiting family. I knew I would have to get a 3-4 miler in with them and Beep sometime this weekend, so we went Saturday afternoon. What a beautiful day. We started […]

Will run for pizza


I was craving pizza. I was procrastinating. I was trying to avoid working out tonight. But then I decided I should run TO the grocery store for a pizza (or three). I am such a freaking genius. I did a warmup walk then started running. And I kept going. And going. And going. It was […]

Red sauce 60 minutes pre-run = omg hell


Had another great Team Challenge mid-week group run tonight. For the first quarter mile, Jodi and I stuck with Rochelle, Karla and Kevin… but after 5 minutes, we dropped back (they were going between 10:30-12min pace and that was pushing it for me for extended periods of time). Jodi and I alternated running a quarter […]