That time I lopped off my boobs… for science


Editor’s note: This post has been in draft mode for almost six months. I have been debating for years on whether or not I should share my story. I mean, it’s personal. SUPER personal. But, I remember trying to search for information when I was going through this process and there weren’t a lot of […]

I’ve been walking on a broken ankle for months


Yesterday, my mom commented on how surprised she was at how I’ve been tolerating the pain during recovery. I haven’t been complaining (of course, the drugs have been helping). She is just amazed, especially since in the past week, I’ve made amazing progress and made it yesterday with only taking 4 pain pills all day! […]

So this happened.


Amy + Pain Meds + Motorized Cart at Target = hilarity (for me at least)

I’m alive.

One of these ankles is not like the other

Ligaments fixed. Bone spurs removed. Surprise fracture fixed with a screw. LOL, I got screwed today. HAHAHHahahahha. Shut up, it’s the drugs talking. Very, very powerful drugs. PS. Apparently, my ligaments were so bad, that the doc could have popped the ankle out of the socket easily. It would have basically slid right out.    

The S word

So it’s been awhile. I turned 30. There were holidays. A wedding. Craziness at work. Notice what’s missing? Yeah. Working out. My foot/ankle situation hasn’t gotten better. In fact, it’s gotten worse. On February 22, I will be having a lateral ankle ligament reconstruction surgery. It is as crazy as it sounds. If you are […]