Slow running… it’s the new fast!

Reposted from I’ve never been fast. I don’t even know if I’d ever care to be fast. A lot of times, you hear about how fast people run races. Don’t get me wrong. I have a time goal. It’s just no where near that of my close friends. When they’re running an “easy” 9 […]

I need to learn how to share

I need to learn how to share. Yes, I’m an adult and I know how to share just about everything in my life. But there’s something I have a hard time sharing. Running. This may sound odd, coming from someone who has a huge group of running friends – many of whom she MET through […]

Trying to stay positive in a sea of setbacks


Knee. Ankle. Knee. Foot. Ankle. Foot. Shoulder. Foot. Knee. Foot. Foot. Rib. Foot. I have had so many setbacks in my training and journey to health. It seems like each time I take one step forward, something sets me two steps back. I have worked hard to not let this affect me but, to be […]

Red sauce 60 minutes pre-run = omg hell


Had another great Team Challenge mid-week group run tonight. For the first quarter mile, Jodi and I stuck with Rochelle, Karla and Kevin… but after 5 minutes, we dropped back (they were going between 10:30-12min pace and that was pushing it for me for extended periods of time). Jodi and I alternated running a quarter […]

Race Report: Starting (and finishing) my first half marathon

Photo - Nancy Toler

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham It started out like any normal Sunday. Well, any normal Sunday where you get up at 4 a.m. to get ready and catch a bus at 5 a.m. to your first half marathon. You know, the […]

I’m on the injured reserve


This is what happens when your Garmin is upset you can’t run for 2 weeks. One week ago, I did a half marathon. All week long, I’ve been a lazy bum. I need to kick my butt in gear but I’ve been in so much pain with my left foot. Went to the doc Friday […]